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Frutiland our company

Since our grandfathers established first orchards, their cultivation has become our mission and passion. Thus for many generations we have been providing our customers with the highest quality products. Having the abovementioned in mind, in 2011 we established the producers group combining the best orchardists form Sochaczew and its surroundings. Since then we have been working together on the standard level and quality of our services and products through common investments in the development of our group and fruit-growing in Mazovia region.

Production process

Sorting and packaging equipment at our disposal enables us to meet the needs of our customers from all around the world. 4-lane sorting Maf-Roda machine with water loading lets us sort fruit according to their colour, diameter, length, shape, quality and weight. Thanks to that we can provide a whole range of apple packaging, including bushel boxes. Sorting process, managed by Orfea system, starts at the selection table where all unnecessary elements e.g. leaves are removed. After drainage process, apples are moved to the GlobalScan Vision sorter, where 24 photos of each fruit are taken. Having analyzed the photos, each apple is automatically directed to the desired slot i.e. packing tables, case filling machines or for industrial purposes. 4 packing tables (equipped with 32 scales supervised by 32 workers) provide cardboard boxes prepred on the spot (efficiency oriented) by 8-way overhead mezzanine gate. Cardboard boxes are filled with standardized apples e.g. according to their petiole, sent through lable makers and end up palletizing. Non standard apples are packed in PE bags by a Maf-Roda packing machine.

We ensure cold storage conditions

To preserve the highest standards of services, we ensure cold storage conditions. Fruitland producers group guarantees that after being sorted apples are immediately transported to a spedition chamber with a constant temperature of 2 degrees Celsius.

Storage warehouse and ULO chambers

Storage capacity of the whole producers group Frutiland is estimated at 10.000 tons, half of which is a newly built infrastructure equipped in a modern warehouse with ULO chambers, which enables us to provide our customers with the highest quality fruit.

We own OVO trademark

OVO provides packaging with the outstanding design and is targeted at demanding customers expecting the best quality.